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So what lies ahead of us?

1 / We get to know each other

Depending on your particular area(s) of expertise and on the assignments we receive from our clients, we will contact you in the following weeks in order to schedule an informal meeting. During a short videochat, we will talk about your skills, your experience and interests. This will further allow us to make the perfect fit between your profile and future assignments. It goes without saying that this is also an ideal opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with our modus operandi.

Concluding the videochat, we will talk about the next steps that are to be taken. Potentially, this could include a small test of your skills or a follow-up meeting, in person this time, at our office.

2 / We get to work

When we have found a perfect match between your profile and an assignment, you can count on us to take care of the administrative handling, as well as to settle things between you and the client. Whenever necessary, we will try and help out when you're in need of support.

About working for CrossCast

CrossCast helps clients to maintain and manage both their online and offline channels. We focus on actual implementation, we think in terms of tangible solutions and we look for just the right kind of people.

That is why we always keep an eye out for motivated, experienced and highly dedicated freelancers to help improve our clients' online and offline channels. We offer both temporary assignments for self-employed entrepreneurs and the self-employed as a secondary activity, as well as regular paid employment through a payroll service. Depending on the assignment, you will work from home or on the spot with the client and, when required, you will have our offices in Ghent and Brussels at your disposal.